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Toukiden 2 (討鬼伝2) is the third main installment of the Toukiden series. It was first announced to the public on stage at the SCEJA Press Conference 2015.

The series's developers return. Kenichi Ogasawara is the general producer, Takashi Morinaka is the producer and Kazutoshi Sekiguchi is the director. Hidari continues to be the main character designer.

Buy the game new to receive a redeemable code for Tenko armor sets. The Treasure Box edition features an artbook, a soundtrack CD, character clear files, and a code for Tokitsugu armor sets. The Gamecity and Amazon sets include the Treasure Box bonuses, Slayer key charms, two clear files, and a code for a Nyabraham Linnyahn Mitama. Other bonuses are being offered at various store outlets.

Players will receive 10 sacred branches in the full game after playing the final demo.


This game's setting takes place two years after Kiwami. Demons have engulfed all of Nakatsu Kuni with a peculiar miasma, and the Slayers are expected to combat the threat. Somewhere within the world lies a dark secret and a giant threat from the Meiji period.

The protagonist for this game is a Slayer who fought in the defenses of the "Awakening". They wandered into a dimensional portal during the fighting and emerged into the current setting as an amnesic at Mahoroba Village, a village west of Utakata that was surrounded by a mysterious power during the "Awakening".


  • World exploration has shifted to be open world. Hunting grounds from previous games return with alterations. Certain sections of the world map will be locked depending on the player's progression with the main story; destinations may also be marked when fulfilling requests. Mahoroba Village serves as the game's new primary hub.
  • The protagonist's spare inventory and setups can be accessed from chests scattered across the world map.
  • Players can raise multiple Tenko and give them names. If well-cared for, they will occasionally find items and follow the protagonist.
  • Combat has been altered to be seamless encounters that happen anywhere in the field.
  • "Demon Hand" (hold R2) is a new secondary feature for traveling and fighting giant demons. The invention can hook onto objects or minor demons to quickly close distances or destroy obstacles. Against giant demons it can do the following: stun them, lock onto a specific body part or completely obliterate a demon's body part(s). This feature is controlled via touchscreen in the Vita version.
  • Slayers have a new faster running ability (hold L3).
  • Automatons are deployed to scavenge for items in different locations, though they may receive damage upon returning. Damaged automatons can be repaired or made stronger by augmenting them with various materials.
  • Using the Professor's research facility allows players to craft better materials from item drops. Adding more materials increases the crafting's success rate.
  • A miasma gauge appears when entering corrupted areas. If this gauge is completely filled, the player character will perish. End miasma by cutting down the demon within the cursed stone.
  • Regions have hazard levels ranging from safe to dangerous. Eliminating demons raises the area's safety which unlocks new items and weapons.
  • Golden Slayer seals act as a new optional collection quest. Hunt for every hidden seal around the world to get a special prize.
  • Medium sized demons have been added; they are the middle ground between common and giant ones.
  • While players can still enhance their equipment by visiting the blacksmith, they may occasionally encounter the blacksmith prodigy Kiyomaro who provides superior bonuses.
  • Every weapon has updated actions added to their movesets. New weapons include the sword and shield and the trick whip.
  • Players can gain temporary buffs and skills by eating Kuon's meals. New recipes are added as more requests or story events are cleared.
  • New customization options are available for protagonists.
  • A day and night system is included.
  • Downloadable content so far includes Mitama and armor.

Only Hatsuho and Soma return in this game. This page will only list new additions.


Non-combat NPCs[]

Medium Demons[]

  • Ogre
  • Canidaemon
  • Hermitclaw

Giant Demons[]

  • Brutebeast
  • Wingspawn
  • Bruteclaw
  • Bladetail
  • Succuwing
  • Quadbracchium
  • Cruspisces
  • Drakwing


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
TKD2 Trophy.png Legendary Slayer Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
TKD2 Trophy 2.png Guardian of the Eye of Truth Clear all missions. Gold
TKD2 Trophy 3.png Savior of Souls Acquire all Mitama. Gold
TKD2 Trophy 4.png Demon God's Hand Fully destroy 50 large Oni. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 5.png Hardcore Player Complete Phase 12. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 6.png Spiritual Master Activate 300 Boosts. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 7.png Burning Eyes Collect all guides. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 8.png Parts Tosser Destroy 500 Oni body parts. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 9.png Unifier's Support Clear Chapter 7. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 10.png Patriot of Mahoroba Complete 30 quests. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 11.png Favorite of Mahoroba Raise bonds with all allies to their maximum level. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 12.png Wealthy Lord Acquire a total of 1 million Haku. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 13.png "Demon" Who Destroys Demons Slay 100 large Oni. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 14.png Those Who Know Demons Subdue every Oni in the game. Silver
TKD2 Trophy 15.png Curio Collector Acquire 100 different weapons. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 16.png Connoisseur Acquire 100 different armor. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 17.png Hobbyist Eat 20 cooked meals. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 18.png Certified Member Be officially anointed as a Slayer. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 19.png Mystery Solver Collect all inscriptions. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 20.png Aware of One's Limits Purify a tainted area for the first time. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 21.png Guide of Souls Develop a Mitama to its fullest potential. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 22.png Purity Patron Bathe in the Pool of Purity 50 times. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 23.png Forbidden Gathering Bathe with someone of the opposite sex in the Pool of Purity. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 24.png Research Complete Unlock all functions of the Demon Hand. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 25.png Otherworldly Vanguard Maximize the safety levels of every area. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 26.png Bodyguard Go on quests with a particular ally 50 times. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 27.png Everlasting Weaver Clear Chapter 6. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 28.png Slayer Enthusiast Clear Chapter 2. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 29.png Martial Arts Dojo Clear 10 missions with each weapon type. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 30.png Advanced Technology Send a marionette on 30 journeys. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 31.png Researcher Successfully synthesize materials 30 times. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 32.png Guide Completion Clear all tutorials. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 33.png Slayer Aficionado Clear Chapter 3. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 34.png Grand Specialty Fortify a weapon to its maximum level. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 35.png A Mountain of Demons Slay 1,000 small Oni. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 36.png Pioneer Complete Phase 6. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 37.png Tactics Dojo Clear 10 missions with each battle style. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 38.png Versatility Acquire all available stamps. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 39.png Worker Destroy all the body parts of a large Oni in a single mission. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 40.png Tireless Defeat 5 large Oni without resting. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 41.png Sincere Feelings Raise bonds with one ally to their maximum level. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 42.png Finest Suit Fortify a piece of armor to its maximum level. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 43.png Slayer Soloist Clear Chapter 1. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 44.png Fluffy Experience Befriend Tenko. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 45.png Slayer Captain Clear Chapter 4. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 46.png Slayer General Clear Chapter 5. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 47.png Gizmo Boss Manufacture all Brain Circuits for marionettes. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 48.png Gizmo Apprentice Use the Demon Hand for the first time. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 49.png Pilgrim Pray 20 times. Bronze
TKD2 Trophy 50.png Dawn of the Oni Encounter an Oni. Bronze


  • Toukiden 2 Free Alliances Verison - PS players only. Free-to-play of the game that focuses mainly on the online multiplayer hunts. Players can play with players who have the retail version and can keep their progress in this version for the retail version. Certain items can be purchased in this version as microtranscations. The first chapter of the retail version can be played for free.
  • Toukiden Mononofu
  • Warriors All-Stars

Related Media[]

This is one of the titles present at Koei-Tecmo's Tokyo Game Show 2015 booth. It was given a staged introduction September 17.

A closed thirty-two person trial was held March 26. Interested players can register for consideration until February 28. On April 11, a demo of the game became available. Team ENMC was among those who tested the gameplay during the voice cast announcement. Another broadcast to showcase PS Vita footage will be simulcast to Nico Nico Live and YouTube Live on May 13, (20:00) JST.

Studio 4°C is continuing to create animated promotional shorts for the series.

The comic serialization will be one-shots of the new Slayers done by five different artists: Tousen, Yu Hijikata, Yoshisada Tsutsumi, Retsu Tateo and Asagi Ohga. The first episode starts in Dengeki Maoh's August 2016 issue. Each story comes with an exclusive Mitama for players.

Another Nico Nico Seiga Mitama design contest was held from March 23~May 8 with the winner's illustration being included in the game. The winning entry is Kukurihime.

An edit character contest is being held until August 4 to decide which participant has the best-looking face in the demo. Players must upload their submission on Twitter to become one of four lucky winners who will be given a T-shirt and character pin badges.

LINE has released a set of character stamps for customers to use.

Image Songs[]

Performed by Shoko Nakagawa


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