I need to keep an eye on this puppy and use it a little more often: Sake neko/Sandbox

Taking a break from SNK wiki to support my love for Koei games. Been a fan of both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors but I really play, love, and practically adore the campiness in Kou Shibusawa's older games. Because they're unapologetically cheesy and scream with clichéd trends of the times they were made. It's fun to me at least.

Gishin and Anki are the best sometimes.

Sounds lovely, especially the last part. But why does everyone have a severe case of same face? Seems worse than before now. Reuenthal and Schonkopf don't look distinct anymore; I miss the rounder noses the nicer characters had; everyone is ikemen making Reinhard look contrite; blah blah blah

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