Vinsmoke Ichiji
Vinsmoke Ichiji (OP4)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Vinsmoke Family
Germa Kingdom
Germa 66
March 2nd
186 cm (6'1¼")
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:

Vinsmoke Ichiji (ヴィンスモーク・イチジ, Vinsumōku Reiju), also better known as "Sparking Red" (スパーキングレッド, Supākingu Reddo), is the eldest son and second child of the Vinsmoke Family. He is a prince of the Germa Kingdom and a commander in its military arm, Germa 66. Due to his actions, role, and intentions, he is a neutral of the Whole Cake Island Arc of the Four Emperor Saga.



  • "You're weak. Too weak."
  • "Do my sparks hurt?"
  • "You're different from all those weaklings!"
  • "You annoying little gnats..."
  • "Don't waste my time."
  • "What's the matter, Yonji? Don't sully the Germa 66 name!"
  • "What could a bunch of idiots do with our stolen scientific technology, anyway?"
  • "This is my territory!"
  • "I, Sparking Red, deign to be your opponent. It matters not how many thousands of you there are... Come try your luck!"
  • "A king has his ways! Weaklings like you couldn't possibly comprehend them."
  • "Let's take our time and enjoy the fireworks, shall we? Now then, who's my next victim?"
  • "My oh my... How pathetic."
  • "Sanji's crew? Alright, show me what you've got."
  • "An augmented human? But you're not an enemy of Germa..."
  • "Come on, show me that winch you're so proud of."
  • "Don't you dare underestimate Germa, Big Mom!"
  • "Reiju... If you stand in my way, I'll cut you down."



Keys Square Normal Attack • Tri Ranged AttackCircle Special TechniqueX Evade
「ONE PIECE 海賊無双4」キャラクター紹介映像~イチジ~ PS4 Nintendo Switch XboxOne

「ONE PIECE 海賊無双4」キャラクター紹介映像~イチジ~ PS4 Nintendo Switch XboxOne

Promotional gameplay video (PW4)

Special Skills

Note: These skills are placed in order of the "Special Move Set" menu.

Note 2: Skills that are usable while airborne will be mentioned. Otherwise, it can only be performed on the ground.

"Sparking Red": Full-Force Burst!
"Sparking Figure": Become invincible, and charge forward with a mighty punch.
"Henry Needle": Niji appears, knees a single enemy, and then discharges electricity into the vicinity.
"Winch Hurricane": Yonji appears and performs a combo of hook attacks.
"Winch Bomber": Yonji appears and charges forward while unleashing a succession of punches.

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