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Character Information
Allegiance(s): Whitebeard Pirates
February 5th
45 (debut)
47 (after timeskip)
328 cm (10'9")
Twin sabers
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Also known as "Flower Sword" Vista
Non-playable character/

Vista (ビスタ) is the 5th Division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Years before the story, Vista was amused by Ace's botched attempts to murder Whitebeard. During the Summit War, Vista was to back up Luffy in the rescue of Ace under orders from Marco. He fought against Dracule Mihawk, but was unable to best him. The Pacifistas tried to interfere, forcing them to delay the duel.

Vista showed bravery by cutting down some cannonballs meant for Luffy. While he admired Ace and Luffy fighting together, he became shocked when Akainu pierced his magma fist into the older brother. Vista tried to save Whitebeard from Teach only to be held back. He would later attend Whitebeard's funeral in the New World.

Role in Games[]

In the second game, Vista first fights against the Straw Hat Pirates to test their mettle. Later, he is brainwashed by Teach's Frenzy Dials and fights against Buggy's forces. Soon, the Whitebeard Pirates return him to normal. He is present when Whitebeard is killed by Gecko Moria, or when Whitebeard is saved in the True Ending.

In the third game's Dream Log mode, he will sometimes fight with Jozu to see if his swords can cut diamonds, or Brook to prove who the better swordsman is.


Vista is shown to be very loyal to Whitebeard, but is enraged whilst trying to save his captain. He is also known for his smile.


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Fighting Style[]

Vista fights with two sabers. His only known attack is the Rose Rondo, where he rapidly slashes opponents.