Wang Ling
ROTK12 Wang Ling
Character Information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type:
Unit Type:
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 7
Historical Information
Real name:
Wang Ling
Chinese name:
王淩 - 王凌
Style name:
Chinese name:

Wang Ling (onyomi: Ō Ryō) is Wang Yun's nephew and Guo Huai's brother-in-law. He led a handful of unsuccessful campaigns against Wu, but he is best known for his betrayal against Wei.

Role in GamesEdit

Wang Ling's memorable appearance in Dynasty Warriors 7 comes in the Jin story. When Cao Shuang was murdered by Sima Yi, Wang Ling secretly planned to force Cao Fang out of his throne and replace him with an older candidate to reduce the Sima clan's hold on the Wei kingdom. Sima Yi and his forces set out to punish the Wei official at Shouchun. Before the battle, Wang Ling allied himself with Wu.

One of his sons, Wang Guang refused to listen to his father and was under attack. Halfway through the quelling of the rebellion, Ding Feng and Zhuge Ke arrive to assist Wang Ling. Another son, Wang Feixiao stays loyal to his father. Even Wang Mingshan and Jinhu will not listen to Guang's pleas. Wang Ling eventually confronts Sima Yi, with his son trying to plead with him. Sima Yi finds that the Wei official cannot be convinced, and executes him after a brutal fight. With Wang Ling dead, Sima Yi gains control of Wei.

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  • You would oppose me? My own son?
"This rebellion is only helping Wu. If you truly love Wei, Father, you will surrender.
"If we do not stop Sima Yi, he will one day destroy Wei. It is too late to go back now.
~~Wang Ling and Wang Guang; Dynasty Warriors 7

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