Character Information
Allegiance(s): Drum Kingdom
August 9th
27 (debut)
29 (after timeskip)
207 cm (6'9½")
Devil Fruit:
Munch-Munch Fruit
His mouth
Voice Actors:
First Appearance:
Non-playable character.

Wapol (ワポル, Waporu), also known as "Tin Plate" Wapol (ブリキのワポル, Buruki no Waporu), is the ruler of Drum Kingdom on Drum Island. In a demand to gain his people's trust, he exiles the country's doctors and forced citizens to abide to his jarring health plan system: his twenty doctors would offer their service only if they paid the absurd price for treatments.

Six years before the main story begins, Wapol was partly responsible for causing Hiruluk's defiant suicide. Learning that Blackbeard was going to attack his kingdom, Wapol callously fled from his throne with a handful of his subordinates. He became the leader of the Bliking Pirates.

Years later Wapol returns to Drum Island in the vain attempt to reclaim his throne. As he devastates the shores of his home Luffy and company prevent his return to his castle. They defy his tyranny by boldly placing Hiruluk's flag atop its tower. Each time Wapol tries to shoot the flag down, Luffy stands to defend it. Despite Wapol's deceptive tactics Luffy proves to be the victor of their fight, and Wapol is exiled from Drum Island.


Wapol rules to satisfy his selfish desires and brutally beats anyone who disobeys him, be they friend or foe. He is callous towards his people and never appears to care for their safety. Dominating others with his family's power and wealth, he truly believes that no should dare question his authority. In spite of his bravado, Wapol is also cowardly if he is utterly thwarted and often resorts to lowly strategies.


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Fighting StyleEdit

His Devil Fruit power lets him eat any object or life form he wants as his mouth can stretch to inhuman proportions. Combined with his voracious appetite, Wapol can literally devour towns or buildings in a flash. He can use the materials he has eaten to create weapons or armor to protect his body. Alternatively he can fuse devoured objects together and spit them out to create a new creation.

Attack ListEdit

  • Nortal Attack: Wapol gobbles his mouth left then right, then spins around, then does a spinning dive, then finishes by jumping and chomping his mouth on enemies.
  • Strong Attack: Wapol dives underground two times chomping his mouth, then bursts upward, gobbling enemies before falling back down.
  • Arm Cannon: Wapol fires a cannonball forward at enemies.
  • Tongue Cannon: Wapol positions himself and fires a cannonball out of his mouth. If he has cannons on his arms and shoulders, they will fire as well.
  • Snow Powder Makeup: Wapol goes underground, then after a pint of snow is seen, Wapol will burst out to chomp at enemies.
  • Level 1 Musou: Munch-Munch Shock: Wapol runs at an enemy to chew on him/her. If he hits, he gobbles then forms a cannon on his arm. This will continue until he has cannons on his shoulders.


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