Weapon Overdrive (武器オーバードライブ) is new feature introduced in Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2; it enables players to temporarily power-up their current weapons in battle by pressing both Square and Tri simultaneously after accumulating enough Musou to activate the green icon above the character's health bar. This effect causes the weapon to enlarge and glow with multiple colors of light. Aside from increasing the overall reach and damage output of players, it also allows them to negate the recoil after-effect as well as any status ailment caused by hitting certain enemies (mainly generals and giant beasts). Activating Weapon Overdrive also unlocks a new move that varies with each particular weapon.


Though players are free to use the Weapon Overdrive function at their discretion, it's wise to reserve it for more resilient foes or those that cause recoil upon being hit. Using this feature during a Fury state in conjunction with a chi-powered Musou attack can be very devastating against bosses in battle.

Equipping certain chi skills from the academy can either prolong the effects of Weapon Overdrive, increase its attack bonus, or even render it permanent without having to activate it.

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