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Not to be confused with Nioh's protagonist, William Adams.
William Render (BS).png
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Shield-bearing spearmen
Weapon Type: Spear and shield
Request Mission(s):
The Art of Fighting
The Art of Fighting, Again
The Truth of Battle
Voice Actors:
Grant George (EN)
Yasuhiro Takato (JP)
Original character.

William (ウィリアム) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Role in Game[]

William is first seen surrounded by a group of mercenaries who confront him in the tavern. While Magnus and Marc are more sympathetic, Georges and Naran do not hesitate to mock the young man for his cowardice. In truth, he was forced to take up the mercenary life when his father had been taken for ransom.

He attempts to correct his mistakes by asking the protagonist to help him fight. The first occasion has him sending the mercenary on a wild goose chase by coming up with various excuses while the second ends partway when his fear of war flares up. Humiliated by his own failure, William trains himself every night despite insults from the others.

Upon hearing of William's reason of becoming a mercenary, Magnus and the others rally together and assist him once more on the battlefield. He then becomes more competent after fulfilling a contract for the very first time.

Bladestorm: Nightmare[]

In Bladestorm: Nightmare, William is among the many mercenaries surrounded by monsters at Gascony. Though understandably frightened and yearning for home, he can be recruited by the player if Magnus gives him a much-needed pep talk in Brittany. Doing so will embolden him enough to protect a wounded Magnus once Joan of Arc has been saved in Champagne. He also participates in the final battle against Diabolus.

Character Information[]


A lover of books, William's docile and cowardly personality makes him unsuited for war during his first stint as a mercenary. Left to fend for himself, he faces scorn from most of the other mercenaries until given aid by Magnus and the protagonist. Henceforth, he was able to shake off the title of cowardly knight and earn the respect of his peers including the overbearing Georges.


  • "Even I can fight when I put my mind to it."
  • "I do not fear you!"
  • "Phew... Reinforcements at last. Thank you so much."
  • "Oh... Your skills are truly magnificent!"
  • "I shall do my best not to slow you down."
  • "Yes! I did it!"
  • "I should have known I was not ready for this..."
  • "I am not utterly hopeless, you know."
  • "I can't believe it! We have taken our objective!"
  • "Please! We must begin the attack!"
  • "We are under attack! Somebody do something!"

  • "Well I still do not believe you to be a capable warrior. Remember that!"
"Georges, at times you behave as a child. William has proved himself a true mercenary."
"No, I have yet much to learn. But learn I shall. Given time."
~~Georges, Naran, and William