Wyler Pirate Warriors 3
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Shandia Tribe
God's Guards (current)
August 18th
25 (debut)
27 (after timeskip)
183 cm (6'0")
Burn Bazooka
Voice Actors:
Masaki Aizawa
First Appearance:
Also known as "Berserker" Wiper. Non-playable character.

Wiper (ワイパー) is a member of the Shandia Tribe in Skypiea. Years prior to the story, he waged wars against the Skypieans for the control of the sky world. When Enel became god, it did not matter what enemies Wiper would fight. The Straw Hat Pirates first venture into Skypiea when Wiper considers them enemies. After a fierce battle with Luffy, he resolves to defeat Enel so the Shandia don't worship deities.

He participates in Enel's Survival Game against Enel's Warriors. In retaliation for letting his home be destroyed by the false god, Wiper assists Luffy in defeating him. After the battle is over, Wiper and his warriors rebuild the forests that Enel wrecked during his reign. He becomes commander of God's Guards two years after.

He is first seen in One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 as a non-playable character.



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Fighting StyleEdit

Wiper normally fights with a Burn Bazooka. Normally, the bazooka fires off cannonballs, but when infused with a Breath Dial, it can spew White-Blue flames. When he uses a Reject Dial, he can survive the three-time limit use as it normally kills the average man.

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