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Battle of Yamatai
Yamatai in Warriors Orochi 2
Date n/a
Location Orochi's World
Result Wei claims victory; Da Ji captured.
Wei Orochi
Cao Rui
Jiang Wei
Toshiie Maeda
Da Ji

The Battle of Yamatai (邪馬台の戦い, rōmaji: Yamatai no Tatakai) is an ancient island nation to which Himiko resided as a queen. She used to send letters to Cao Rui of Wei from this very location and the island of Yamatai had diplomatic relations with Wei. There is a lot of mythology and folklore surrounding it.

Role in Games[]

This first appears in Warriors Orochi 2 where the Wei forces are pursuing Da Ji and lose sight of her. Jiang Wei and Toshiie Maeda offer to find her and lead an encampment of Wei troops but soon they are surrounded by Da Ji's army and outmaneuvered by her plotting. Though Nagamasa Azai arrives, the rest of the Azai army, including Yoshikage Asakura are blocked by Himiko's clay effigies and Keiji Maeda. Allowing the Azai to arrive, allows the Wei forces to score a resounding victory and capture Da Ji in the southwest, who implores Himiko to flee, so Orochi can be revived and empowered. Nagamasa and Oichi then joins Wei after the victory.

This also appears in a dream mode stage, where Lu Bu, Tadakatsu Honda and Keiji Maeda square off against Orochi, wanting to end him for the benefit of the realm and himself. They start off in the southwest garrison, scare off the guards with their might and rescue Liu Bei's beleaguered army along the way. Their might inspires the Hojo to defect, and they dispatch of many of Orochi's top generals including Warriors, of Wei. They work their way to the main camp and square off against Orochi, accompanied by his two faithful servants Kiyomori Taira and Da Ji.

In Warriors Orochi 3, this map returns as a DLC stage. The first is 'Party planners' where Gan Ning, Shuten Doji and Zhang Fei all want to have a night out drinking and fight various officers of the coalition to get wine. The second scenario is 'Zhong Hui's pride' where Zhong Hui abducts women while he serves Dong Zhuo and lets him capture the women for his paradise. He turns sick of following Dong Zhuo's demeaning orders and turns against him, but not before relatives of the captured women show up enraged at both Dong Zhuo and Zhong Hui. Zhong Hui has to fight off the enraged warriors and Dong Zhuo in order to escape. Once he reaches Dong Zhuo's camp, Mitsuhide Akechi and Motochika Chosokabe appear with Gracia, the only maiden Zhong Hui didn't capture, defeating those three opens up the escape point and wins the stage. The last is 'Clash of Champions' where the Tokugawa face off against Jin in a large-scale battle with tactics deployed by both sides. Despite the player being in the Tokugawa, the recommended characters are Fu Xi, Jiang Wei, and Masanori Fukushima.

This stage also appears in the distant past in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate using it's remastered design in Orochi 3. Yinglong, Fu Xi and Nezha head off to rescue their mystic allies from Kyubi's demon hordes running wild, they then proceed to escape in the northwest but not before Kyubi mentions she has plans for Yinglong. After the battle, Yinglong expresses his doubts to which Fu Xi reassures him that Fu Xi will always be there to help him, but as this is a flashback stage, Yinglong tragically has his doubts used by Tamamo to turn into Orochi.


This stage's BGM 'Kotodama Runner' has found it's way into other works in Koei media. It has two new remixes in Warriors All-Stars including a GT version, and Warriors Orochi 4 utilises it as Baidi Castle's default theme with Yamatai nowhere to be seen.

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