Yelena (FEW)
Character Information
Rowan (son)
Lianna (daughter)
Voice Actor(s):
Yuka Nagayoshi
Nicole Karrer

Yelena (ユアナ, Yuana) is an original non-playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors. She the Queen of Aytolis, and the mother of Lianna and Rowan.

Role in GameEdit

In the beginning of the game Yelena is lamenting the fact that neither of her twin children wish to inherit the throne. the two bickering over who should become the ruler so that the other can pursue their own personal interests. She reminds the children that with the recent passing of their father, they should stop acting like children and focus on the needs of their kingdom, for their fathers sake.

After the two go out to train with Darios whois visiting from another kingdom, a wave of monsters suddenly appear within the town and the castle. She acquires a royal family relic, the Flame shield, and attempts to meet up with her children and Darios so that they together can get to the temple with the shield. However while escaping the castle Yelena is separated from her children by a cave-in in the castles secret exit tunnels. She slips the shield into a narrow hole in the rubble before more rubble falls sealing the wall separating the family.

After this point it is believed she is dead until she appears later on in the game when a possessed Darios intends to sacrifice her in order to revive the Chaos Dragon Velezark. However her twins are able to rescue her, and is escorted out of enemy territory by Caeda to meet up with her twins within the city.

In the end of the game Queen Yelena awaits for her children, along with the Royal Guard of Aytolis. Once they arrive the family begins the coronation ceremony, to make Rowan and Lianna both King and Queen of Aytolis.

Character InformationEdit


Queen Yelena, like any monarch, is a calm and regal ruler who tries to do what is best for her people. Able to show bravery in the face of danger despite being unable to fight, she is quick to make the needed decisions for the sake of her kingdom. She wishes for her children to be more mature and accept their duty as the future rulers of Aytolis, yet she loves them dearly and wants what's best for them.


  • "Again with the bickering... You two stand at the cusp of adulthood. What would he think of it... if your father saw you acting like this?"


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