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Yoshimasa Render (BS).png
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
War ninjas
Weapon Type: Sword
Request Mission(s):
Training the New Guys
On Guard
The Search is Over
Voice Actors:
Masashi Nagadoi (EN)
Naoki Imamura (JP)
Original character.

Yoshimasa (ヨシマサ) is a fictional character featured in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

Role in Game[]

A mercenary from the Far East, Yoshimasa sometimes appears alongside Karen and Magnus. The protagonist may encounter him the first time while helping Magnus train a new squad. He also becomes a persistent opponent when the player takes on a mission to protect the armory of the English army.

His tenacity is further exemplified when he tries finding a lost item for one of his clients. It takes a report from the client himself to make him stop. During a clash against a massive group of English insurgents led by the spear horseman Cyrus, Yoshimasa stays behind to finish the job instead of retreating. This causes Karen to slap and chastise him for recklessly endangering himself. Fortunately, her outburst convinces him to respect his own life for the sake of others.

Bladestorm: Nightmare[]

In Bladestorm: Nightmare, Yoshimasa is one of the mercenaries stationed at Gascony where the monsters have the remaining humans surrounded. Joining Hal and Marie's march to Aquitaine, he finds himself captured by goblins and his katana taken from him. Having lost a part of his own "soul", he will be forced to flee in shame unless the player returns his weapon to him in time. Aiding Yoshimasa allows him to participate in the confrontation at Auvergne where he may convince Karen not to attack the player.

Character Information[]


A loyal and steadfast man, Yoshimasa strives to uphold the code of the samurai despite being a sword for hire. His extreme diligence and disinterest in money befuddles his fellow workers including Karen who comes to care for him.


  • "Even the heavens themselves are in awe of your power!"
  • "A samurai fears not death... What of yourself?"
  • "If your spirit falters, then you will die."
  • "I am truly in your debt."
  • "Even the heavens themselves are in awe of your power!"
  • "Never lower your guard!"
  • "Forgive me!"
  • "My training was insufficient..."
  • "Witness how a sword should be used!"
  • "I claim this place as our own!"
  • "The time has come! Prepare attack!"
  • "True warriors face the enemy head on!"

  • "And? You have been searching all this time because there has been no other word? Are you demented? Did it not occur to you that there may be something wrong?"
"The tasks I accept become as my lord. A samurai does fulfill his responsibilities to his lord. Now, I take my leave."
"I know not whether to term him a loyal warrior, or naive fool."
~~Karen and Yoshimasa