Yuga - HW
Character Information
Sorcerer of Lorule
Triforce Capturer
Picture Frame
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Ganon
Voice Actors:
Seiro Ogino
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors + Legends
Playable via DLC.

Yuga (ユガ) is a character first introduced in A Link Between Worlds. He is the Lorulean counterpart to the Ganondorf of that game.

Character InformationEdit


As the Lorulean counterpart to Ganondorf, he is an inversion of the Demon King; possessing none of his physical or magical strength, though is creative in his of the latter. Due to this weakness, he's forced to rely on one of the only traits he shares with his counterpart; immense cunning. To accomplish his goals he willingly plays the role of servant to Princess Hilda, making her believe he is an ally until he betrays her for his own selfish needs.

A very effeminate man, Yuga's obsessed with beauty and sees everything as a canvas for him to create art with. This extends to battlefields, where he considers his successes to be the truest works of art. However, his extreme vanity and pride cause him to burst into childish tantrums when his ego is wounded.

Much like Ganon, he seeks to conquer the world by destroying it, and then using the Triforce to remake it in his image.


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Keys: Y Normal Attack ▲ X Charge AttackA Special TechniqueB Evade
By holding down X, or tapping it, after performing any charge attack Yuga will place a magic crest on the ground that draws in enemies, and stuns them, including those in the air. After a few seconds the magic crest will make a large electrical explosion.
X: Yuga goes into a painting and warps forward.
Y, X: Yuga summons a painting to fly up the air. 
Y, Y, X: Yuga goes into a painting under the ground and bursts fire out of four paintings.
Y, Y, Y, X: Yuga summons two paintings to move energy to each other. He then moves them forward.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Yuga uses the painting to freeze nearby enemies. He then summons Ganon's trident in the middle of the painting to blow the enemies away.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Yuga moves his painting to the left, then to the front. He then spins in the air and then twirls his painting to the left. Yuga finishes it off with a spin to the air, then launching his paintings forward.
A: Yuga summons the King of Evil trident to strike the ground, creating a shock wave that blows away enemies.
Focus Spirit + A: Yuga summons a single painting frame in front of him that spins around, gathering enemies, and then blow enemies away.
Focus Spirit Finisher: Yuga spins his picture frame above him and then explodes with energy.
Weak Point Smash: Yuga summons fire to knock his victim into the air, then blast them away with lightning.

Fighting StyleEdit


Weapon Information (Element: Lightning)
Description: A Strong Attack will hide your image within this picture frame as you charge forward. Hold X after attacking to bind your foe with a magic circle, opening them up to follow-up attacks!
Wooden Frame Skill Slots: 1~2
Frame - 1st Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 80 1Attack: 88
2Attack: 96 3Attack: 104
4Attack: 112 5Attack: 120
Frame of Sealing Skill Slots: 3~4
Frame - 2nd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 150 1Attack: 165
2Attack: 180 3Attack: 195
4Attack: 210 5Attack: 225
Demon King's Frame Skill Slots: 6~8
Frame - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 280 1Attack: 308
2Attack: 336 3Attack: 364
4Attack: 392 5Attack: 420
Demon King's Frame + (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Frame - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750

Badge MaterialsEdit

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Badge Materials
Kokiri Sword I
Kokiri Sword II
Kokiri Sword III
Kokiri Sword IV
Stamina Fruit I
Stamina Fruit II
Stamina Fruit III
Digging Mitts I
Digging Mitts II
Digging Mitts III
Din's Fire I
Din's Fire II
Din's Fire III
Hover Boots I
Hover Boots II
Hover Boots III
Fierce Deity's Mask I
Fierce Deity's Mask II

Badge Materials
Empty Bottle I
Empty Bottle II
Empty Bottle III
Hornet Larvae I
Hornet Larvae II
Hornet Larvae III
Nayru's Love I
Nayru's Love II
Nayru's Love III
Goron Tunic I
Goron Tunic II
Goron Tunic III
Zora Tunic I
Zora Tunic II
Zora Tunic III
Magic Armor I
Magic Armor II
Magic Armor III
Sacred Shield I
Sacred Shield II
Sacred Shield III
Mirror Shield I
Mirror Shield II
Mirror Shield III

Badge Materials
Farore's Wind I
Farore's Wind II
Farore's Wind III
Goron's Bracelet I
Goron's Bracelet II
Hawkeye I
Hawkeye II
Beetle I
Beetle II
Whip I
Whip II


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