Yuka Saito (斉藤 佑圭, Saitō Yuka, born November 13, 1986 in the Fukushima Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production. Her real name is pronounced the same way as her entertainment pseudonym but spelled differently (齋藤 佑圭). She is married to fellow voice actor Takeshi Kusao.

Saito first started working as a librarian at her home city due to her passion for reading but felt that the experience was confining to her. She decided to change her career due to her love for video games and anime and moved to Kyoto to pursue her interests. She graduated from the Amusement Media Academy and used her college's professional connections to make her break into the voice acting industry in 2008. She first landed bit roles and narration parts for a variety of variety programs.

Her break into popularity within the anime industry started with her performance for Chizuru Akaba in Seitokai no Ichizon. A few of her major roles include Haru Asagi in Hanayaka Nari, Wa ga Ichizoku, Tamamo Sakuraba in A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd, and Lu Ling (Riku Rei) in The Silver Guardian.

She continues to purchase anime merchandise for Kamen Rider and One Piece. Anime collaboration menus and character cafés are a guilty pleasure for her and her friends during her time off. She was a fan of Samurai Warriors before she auditioned for her character and considers herself very fortunate to participate in something she thoroughly enjoys. Saito particularly likes Yukimura and was excited to voice his younger counterpart. During the live gameplay demonstration for the July 17 Denjin☆Gacha! Toukiden Kiwami Special, she performed one of Yuu's usual send offs and took part in a live Kazenui hunt with the other MCs. Her player avatar was named "Yukachi" (ゆかち) and was the last one of their party to fall.

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