Yukimasa Kishino (岸野 幸正, Kishino Yukimasa, born October 21, 1955 in Edogawa, Tokyo) is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and narrator who is affiliated with Aoni Production. He attended Teikyo University but quit half way to pursue a theatrical career. He was also a member of the now disbanded theatrical musical group, Gekidan Basara, and is currently the founder and chairman of the theatrical group, Gekidan Kishinogumi. When he isn't voice acting, Kishino is usually organizing and choreographing performances for it. He also boxes as a hobby.

Kishino's trademark with his fans is his distinguished mustache, which they joke also seems to be a prominent trait for many of his characters. A few of his voice roles include Cassius Bright in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky franchise, Hyoue Kuroda in Detective Conan, and Tao Pai Pai, Burter, and others in the Dragon Ball video games and TV series. He is also the Japanese voice for The Great Prince of the Forest in Disney's Bambi and the voice for the alien father in Hayashibara's Telehose commercials.

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