Yumi Touma (冬馬 由美, Tōma Yumi, born December 20, 1966 in the Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator. Her real name after her marriage is Yumi Yoshida (吉田 由美). Her husband is Tatsuya Yoshida, a producer for Toei Company. Before her marriage, she was also known by her maiden name, Yumi Nakagawa (中川 由美).

Touma began her private voice acting studies at Aoni Production during her second year of high school. After her graduation, she attended the sixth class of Aoni Jyuku with Takeshi Kusao and others, making her debut as a professional voice actor during the mid eighties. Her other professional licenses include coordinating colors for fashion (highest level) and speaking International English (mid class). Touma was affiliated with Aoni Production, but her current voice actor agency is ALLURE&Y.

Touma is one of the most prolific female voice actors in the Japanese entertainment industry, lending her voice to several different types of female characters. She also has experience voicing young boys or animal companions. A few of her roles include being one of the voices for Chun-Li in the Street Fighter series, Lenneth in the Valkyrie Profile series, and Emma in Emma - A Victorian Romance.

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