Character Information
Allegiance(s): Kenshiro
Nanto Roku Seiken
Martial Art: Nanto Seiken, but mostly self taught
168 cm (5'6")
57 kg (126 lbs)
(Bust - Waist - Hips):
86 cm - 59 cm - 95 cm
(34" - 23" - 37")
Voice Actor(s):
First Appearance: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
Non-playable character

Yuria (ユリア), also called Julia, is a childhood friend of Kenshiro, Toki, and Raoh as they were raised near one another. While her heart only belongs to Kenshiro, many other men desire to have her love. Early in the series, Shin kidnaps her and forces her to be his bride. She is known by the people in Southern Cross as Queen. Unable to cope with Shin's worsening cruelty to the people under their rule, she tries to commit suicide by leaping off his tall skyscraper.

Thanks to five other Nanto practitioners, she survives and later invokes her destiny as the Nanto General, the last living Nanto star. Although she doesn't fight, she is known for her unabashed kindness and benevolence that is characteristic of her role, which can seemingly heal wounds and soothe any suffering, allowing anyone to gain the hope to keep living. During the Dream Mode events of Hokuto Musou, she also evokes her powers of The Voices of the Heavens, that allow her to see into the future, and journeys about the post apocalyptic world to characters throughout, majorly influencing a majority of their motivations and the events of the story. At its climax, the chase to defend and protect Yuria from danger drives the conclusion of the first story arc.

After Raoh extends her life from her crippling disease, Yuria peacefully lives with Kenshiro in the time she has left. They stay together until her death. Her spirit continues to warmly watch over Kenshiro from the heavens.



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