Z'Gok (Char)
MSM-07S Z'Gok - Char (DWGR)
Mobile Suit Information
Series Appearance(s): Mobile Suit Gundam
Main Pilot(s): Char Aznable
Height: 18.4 meters
Weight: 96.4 tonnes
Weapon(s): Mega particle cannon x 2
240mm Rocket launcher x 6
Claw arm x 2
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
Pilotable in the second game.

MSM-07S Char's Z'Gok (MSM-07S シャア専用ズゴック) is a Zeon Mobile Suit built to be durable and swift in land or water. Like the mass-produced Z'Gok, it's an improved version of Acguy and its the most advanced MS of its design. Char's custom version keeps the benefits of the normal Z'Gok, but has upgrades to its speed and strength. When Char piloted his Z'Gok to ambush Federation troops, its capabilities were reminiscent to his previous Zaku. Its claws had the power to completely penetrate a Federation Mobile Suit in one thrust.

Battle DataEdit


Keys Square Normal Attack • Tri Charge AttackCircle SP AttackX Dash/Boost Dash

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2Edit

Tri: Shoots a laser from claw. Fires three shots in a row.
Square, Tri: Uppercut with claw.
Square, Square, Tri: Raises arms upwards, slicing those to the front.
Square, Square, Square, Tri: Crouches as it fires three missiles. Projectiles fire straight forward.
Square, Square, Square, Square: Left and right thrusts before performing a final thrust.
Circle: Stabs forward with one claw and shoots a laser. Repeats with the other claw.
Combination Circle: Same as ground SP attack.
X (Boost Attack): Dashes forward with arms in a ramming position.
X, Square: Flying headbutt.

Char's Z'Gok's charge attack combinations (C2~C4) may be canceled into a Boost Attack.


Pilots may learn the following skills when using this Mobile Suit.

  • Shock Wave - Releases a shockwave during the start of SP attacks
  • Range Enhance - Increases range of attacks
  • School of Master Asia - When Armor rating is low, attack strength increases
  • Charisma - Earned amount of friendship increases during battle

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3Edit

Gains a few new additions based on previous moveset.

X, Square, Square, Square: Body ram and two swipes from claws.
X, Tri: Launches a missile.
Aerial Circle: Repeatedly fires several missiles.

Char's Z'Gok's charge attack combinations (C2~C4) and dashing charge may be canceled into a Boost Attack.

Mission ModeEdit

The following section is for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2.

How to obtain License: Not needed.

How to unlock permission to obtain Part 4s: Build friendly relations with Char and complete at least five missions. Accept entry to the Zeon forces and complete two of their associated Friendship Missions. When Char's offers to betray the Zabi family, accept and view the following terminal event after completing the mission.

Char's Offering
Difficulty: 5/8 (Hard Only)
Location: A Boa Qu
Ally/Allies - Char
Enemy/Enemies - Dozle, Kycilia

An alternate method is to finish the Power of Bonds mission. This requires a pilot to be friends with at least 40 other characters.

Power of Bonds
Difficulty: 8/8 (Hard Only)
Location: Space
Limitation: One player only
Ally/Allies -
Enemy/Enemies -

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  • This is one of the few Mobile Suits the player can only use at ground level.