Zhang Mancheng
ROTK12 Zhang Mancheng
Character Information
Force(s): Yellow Turbans
Weapon Type: Sword (5)
Spear (6~7)
Unit Type: Warrior
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 2
Historical Information
Real name:
Zhāng Mànchéng
Chinese name:
張曼成 - 张曼成

Zhang Mancheng (onyomi: Chō Mansei) is a Yellow Turban rebel and is best known for slaying Chu Gong, the Grand Administrator of Nanyang. He was killed by Qin Xie.

Role in GamesEdit

Zhang Mancheng appears generally as a minor figure in Dynasty Warriors as a participant of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. In Dynasty Warriors 3, Zhang Mancheng (labeled as Zhang Man Cheng in game) leads a resistance unit to the west of the castle. In Dynasty Warriors 5, in the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Zhang Mancheng is given magic power from Zhang Jiao. In Dynasty Warriors 6, Zhang Mancheng operates a flame battery in the northeast which can be disabled with his defeat. Dynasty Warriors 7 has Zhang Mancheng appear in all of the starting Yellow Turban stages. Routing him and any other accompanying generals completes the initial stage.

Zhang Mancheng appears in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games as an officer of the Yellow Turban army. He has decent war in the low 80's and leadership in the low 70's, making him a good choice for being a unit leader for the Yellow Turbans. He only has average intelligence and charisma, as well as low politics stats on the other hand. His skill in the eleventh game prevents bandits from attacking the city he is located in.

Voice ActorEdit


  • "Listen, my brothers! We must have vengeance! We must make them feel Lord Zhang Bao's pain!"
  • "I have the power!"
  • "We no place for you in the new world. Let these flames burn you to the ground!"

Historical InformationEdit

Zhang Mancheng was a man from Nanyang in Jing Province. Presumably of lesser wealth, he joined the religious leader Zhang Jiao in the 170's. He was made a gang leader and put under the command of an unknown division leader in Nanyang. The Nanyang division was intended to cooperate with the divisions in Yingchuan, Runan and Luoyang, but after the betrayal of Tang Zhou and the subsequent execution of Ma Yuanyi, their power was lessened.

Nonetheless, Zhang Mancheng attacked Wancheng in Nanyang in April 184 with 10,000 men, after calling himself "Messenger of the Gods". After a short siege, Zhang Mancheng managed to kill the governor of Wancheng, Chu Gong, and conquered the city. In June, Qin Xie was made Administrator of Nanyang and attacked Zhang Mancheng at Wan. Zhang Mancheng was killed in battle and Zhao Hong became the new leader of his troops.